1. You will be giving a tourist visa at entry into Nicaragua via the airport or border. Cost is $10 and only payable in cash. Tourist visa is good for 90 days.  We recommend having  exact change ($10 bill, etc)
  2. The Nicaraguan currency is the Cordoba but it is not necessary to change dollars into Cords. Dollars are GREAT in Nica, but please only bring bills that are not marked, ripped, or otherwise damaged.  Some small bills are recommended as well. 
  3. Spearguns, binoculars, and drones are not permitted in Nicaragua and will be confiscated at customs on entry. 
  4. We recommend bringing a spring suit or long sleeve top December through April when off shore winds are most prevalent.  It is also recommended to bring a rash guard for sun protection and protect your ribs/chest even when the water is warm. 
  5. If you are traveling from North America, electric outlets at PSL are standard power outlets. You will not need an adaptor.
  6. Gratuity Policy: As in all service industries, tips are appreciated for our wonderful staff at PSL.  
  7. Surf Board usage is not included in our Hardcore Surf Package. We do rent surf boards at PSL for $10-$15 a day.
  8. If you don’t want to travel back to the US with your surf board we would love to buy it for a reasonable price.
  9. Please ensure that you have  travel insurance that covers medical care and emergency medical evacution.   Popoyo Surf Lodge is not responsible for any costs involving a medical emergency, illness, or injury,  therefore, we recommend that you have travel insurance that covers you while you are in Nicaragua.  Your safety is important to us.  We recommend World Nomads as their policies cover sports like surfing
  10. Cancelation Policy at PSL :Deposits are non-refundable. We do allow date changes up to 30 days before your trip.  If the trip has to be canceled within 30 days of arrival the deposit is forfeited. At PSL, we do not collect the trip balance until a week before your arrival at PSL.  Most hotels and businesses in the travel industry, such as cruises, vacation home rentals, etc collect balance payments 30 days to several months out before the trip.  At PSL, we do recognize that life happens and unexpected emergencies arise, so we feel that it is the best interest of the client for PSL to not collect the balance until a week before arrival. However,  please note that once the balance is paid, there are no refunds as we will have already incurred expenses preparing for the guests arrival.  Our packages at PSL are truly all inclusive and our location is very remote. We normally get gasoline, diesel, food etc one day per week.  In the case of a client canceling after the balance has been paid,  they will have a 50% credit from their trip cost to use at a later date at PSL.  PSL is not responsible for clients not arriving due to missing flights,  airline problems, passport issues, etc.  PSL is also not responsible for days lost at PSL due to illness or injury.  We strongly recommend Travel Insurance as it covers many of these types of problems.  We like GLOBAL NOMADS. 
  11. Please inform us before you book your trip to PSL if you will need surf lessons or are a beginner so that we can accommodate you accordingly. We do not recommend beginner surf packages April through September.


  • Wax
  • Rash guard or spring suit/wet suit top (December through April)
  • Beach towel  
  • Medications you use 
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Reusable sports bottle for water  (we provide unlimited purified water)
  • Flip flops 
  • Suncure
  • Small first Aid kit incase you get a scrape 
  • Extra leash 
  • Extra fins 
  • Tons of good vibes

**Remember our location is remote and many items/supplies can be hard to get. Come prepared!

Come surf with the most trusted crew in Nicaragua! 

PSL has everything ready for you to have the surfing trip of a lifetime. Get your friends together and let’s surf!