Surfing Southern Nicaragua

The Pacific Coast of the Rivas Province in Nicaragua is very rich in surf. Ranging from hollow beach breaks, incredible point breaks, and reef breaks, surfers of all ability levels will be stoked surfing in Nicaragua.  In addition, the prevailing off shore winds blow nearly every day of the year, grooming the surf into clean, hollow lines.

There are more than 15 world class surf breaks within a 40 minute boat ride from our facility. The Popoyo region of Nicaragua is very unique because it is possible to surf all day. Regardless of swell direction, tide, or swell size there is a break that is working. Due to the prevailing off-shores, the surf  stays clean all day long. You won’t find this in other parts of Central America or many other parts of the world. Our PSL surf guides know the region extensively and use our fleet of vehicles to get you to the best surf breaks in the area by land or sea. We even know a few “secret spots” that are still undiscovered by the majority of other surf hotels and camps in the area.