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The southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua has seen in influx of developments, rental homes and other surf hotels pour into the area in the last several years.   We know that there are other options and places surfers can chose to stay when they come to Nicaragua to surf.

What makes PSL different?
  1. We have a tried and proven track record of showing our clients the best waves and most water time.
  2. Our bilingual, local surf guides LOVE TO SURF!  As local surfers they know their beaches better than any one and have respect in the water. Some of the surf breaks in our area are very remote and off the beaten path. Don’t spend your day lost and wondering how to get to the best breaks in the area. We also have some secret spots to share!
  3. Two boats and 5 4×4 trucks means we have what it takes to get our clients to the best waves EVERY day.
  4. No hassles. We are with our guest from the moment they arrive at the airport in Managua to the time they leave.  We understand our guest’s vacation time is valuable. Don’t waste your week wondering where to surf.
  5. It is affordable. When you consider the cost of rental home, rental car, meals, boat trips in many cases PSL is great deal verses doing it on your own.  And thats with no guess work.
  6. Crowds. Nicaragua is on the map now as a world class surfing destination and some of the more popular breaks can get crowded. We steer clear of those spots when crowds become an issue.
  7. Popoyo Surf Lodge is a very low key, chill environment where our clients can relax and enjoy their vacation.  There is no guess work, no hassles, good food, good vibes,  cold beer,  and fantastic meals.